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Avoid the Risks of Social Media in Nonprofits

With social media literally being at the fingertips of most everyone, an organization should expect to set up guidelines to minimize the risks of privacy violations, discrimination and other issues like defamation and negative PR. Creating a dialogue with staff at the start of a campaign will help avoid potentially damaging pitfalls down the road. […]

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Coupon Sites for Fundraising

Raising money is an ever-changing machine that can adapt to society and what seems to be working in other sectors. It is no surprise then, that charities are looking to the “Groupon” model for success. For those not familiar with Groupon, the concept begins with a business offering a product or service to the public […]

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Facebook & Organizations: Have a Plan

If a nonprofit is looking to take a first step into the the social media world, a Facebook page may be the best option for exposing an organization to a broad audience in the shortest amount of time. However, make sure you have a plan in place to maximize returns and keep your page from […]

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