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Implementing Innovation

by PATTON McDOWELL, PRESIDENT This month, we’re exploring ways to embrace innovation, including how to think creatively, plan strategically, and perhaps most importantly, implement your innovation.  While leaders of nonprofits are likely to have many new ideas, a major hurdle is typically putting that theory into practice. I am reminded of my time as Vice […]

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Empowering Your Advisory Board: They Need You and You Need Them!

We cannot dispute the fact that advisory boards fulfill a very different role than that of governance boards. Simply put, the advisory board has no fiduciary responsibility and its advice is non-binding. It does not govern the organization, nor does it serve as its accountable body. It exhibits no legal obligation, financial oversight, or the […]

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Seven Resource Development Roles for a Nonprofit Board

In a time of increased need, most nonprofits look to their boards for fundraising leadership and direction. But for some board members, the notion of being asked to solicit for funding causes panic. Not everyone is born to ask for money, but there are ways a board member can contribute to the fundraising effort without […]

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