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Build Your Board: Sourcing Future Corporate Leaders

Successful corporate relations is about understanding why companies support organizations in the first place. As noted in our blog earlier this month (Corporate Philanthropy is Dead), for a dwindling group of corporate citizens, participation and support of nonprofits is truly about creating a connection to community and a desire to “do good.” But for most, […]

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Importance of the 20-10-10 Plan

Whether beginning a major capital campaign or looking to build your organization’s annual fund, it is critical to understand who your donors are. This might seem like a simple idea, but many organizations don’t know how to uncover their top funders (not only individual donors, but corporate and foundation donors as well). One exercise that […]

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Why Establish Public Funding? To Drive Corporate Funding, Duh!

Amidst significant shrinkage in public funding, local nonprofits are often downplaying their reliance on public funding and highlighting their past, present and future partnership with private funders. This strategy aimed at cultivating and soliciting private funding for programs the city and state can no longer fund is not unjustified. Various individuals, foundations, congregations and corporations […]

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