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The Most Important Interview Question

When interviewing for a job, the most difficult question to answer is often the final one: “Do you have any questions?” The question is good for interviewers to truly see what type of preparation the candidate has done prior to the interview. It can also be a great opportunity to discover what the priorities of […]

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Preparing for Interviews? Nonprofits, Heed This Advice

In today’s job market where so many individuals are either out of work or are looking to transfer in to new roles, nonprofit organizations must develop a strong interview process to find the right person that properly fits a job description.  Regardless of whether you are looking for an Executive Director or a Major Gifts […]

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Prepare for Your Best Interview

There is little doubt that if you are in a job search, the interviewing process can be a bit of a nerve-wracking process. You, most likely, will be meeting new people, learning about a brand new organization, and having to speak about yourself in the best possible light. The biggest error anyone can make when […]

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