Archive | August, 2011

Board Enlistment: The Reality of the Board Matrix

The development of the Board of Directors is undoubtedly one of the more critical responsibilities of any nonprofit organization. In our scan of the nonprofit sector, PMA has found that many organizations often rush to identify, recruit, elect and orient new board members in an effort to address their growing tension over vacant board seats […]

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Young Leaders on Nonprofit Boards

Diversity is a vital component to achieving success and progress within a board. According to the 2010 BoardSource Nonprofit Governance Index, only 2% of nonprofit board members are under the age of 30, clearly reflecting a lack of age diversity on nonprofit boards. Young leaders can bring new voices and fresh ideas to the table. […]

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Board Covenants & Annual Plans for Board Members

In a board member, we long for passion, influence and affluence; but for that board member to have impact, we also need commitment, participation and presence. Imagine this scenario – As Executive Director you believe you scored the dream board member. She is confident, a strong leader, visionary, strategic thinker, well-respected, well-connected and well-to-do financially. […]

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