Archive | June, 2011

The Art of the Naming

For donors and organizations alike, the negotiations of naming rights for a building or program can be a tricky process. Donors are protective of their investment while the organization must think through the long-term impact a naming may have. The following are a few tips to consider before sitting down in the conference room to […]

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The Return of the Campaign

The way in which campaigns work has changed significantly since before major economic meltdowns took hold of the country. With segments of the economy now in recovery, capital & programmatic goals that seemed so needed in 2007-2008 are no longer relevant. Three characteristics of today’s campaigns are driving forces behind the changes. Donors are substantively […]

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“7 Ways to Better Engage Your Board” Upcoming Workshop at Arts & Science Council

PMA President, Patton McDowell, will present “Seven Ways to Better Engage Your Board” on Friday, June 24th at the Arts & Science Council. Identifying, recruiting and retaining quality individuals is an increasingly important focus for board members who are experiencing busier schedules. Conversely, potential board members are eager to leverage their skills and resources for […]

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