Archive | January, 2011

Recruiting the Right Nonprofit Board Members

A recent article at Fast Company addressed how people might know whether they are prepared for a leadership position on a nonprofit board. At PMA, we know how critical it is for a nonprofit organization to have committed, engaged board members. Here’s some advice to nonprofit leadership on what to look for in prospective board members: Find […]

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Forming a Nonprofit Board

In previous posts, we have given insight on developing your board. However, if you’re an organization that has decided to form a board, what type of steps should be made in order to do so effectively? At PMA, we work with clients to give them advice throughout the process. Through a series of interviews with […]

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High Turnover in Nonprofit Leadership – What Can Be Done?

A recent article in the Charlotte Observer by Mark Price addressed an increase in leadership turnover among the nonprofit sector. Through our work, PMA has seen firsthand the stressful and lonely environments in which an organization’s leader often works.   We’ve identified three key issues that seem to be at play: The economic stress, as described in the Observer […]

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